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Dave Yoho Associates consists of North America’s leading small business consultants, sales trainers and marketing advisors.

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Premier Business Consulting Company

Dave Yoho Associates is one of the oldest, largest and most successful business consulting companies operating within North America. Since 1962 our consulting group has been dedicated to improving productivity and profit for our clients. We maintain a primary niche within the building products and home improvement industry; however we also cater to small and moderate sized sales and marketing-oriented organizations in almost every industry.

We offer consulting services to better assist our clients through the small business training and expertise of our Account Consultants.

We organize and present powerful seminars that expose both managers and salespeople to our unique business consulting methodology.

We create and offer renowned educational materials and services that assist companies in a diverse range of large or small business practices.

We believe it is our responsibility as consultants to disseminate valuable industry-specific information to the public at no charge.

Through our many channels of communication and consultant services we strive to inform and educate our clients, and as small business practices continue to evolve so will our consultants.

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Dave Yoho - Top Business Consultant in the Nation

Dave Yoho is the president of Dave Yoho Associates, a widely recognized small business consulting company. He sits on the board of public companies, has appeared in over 100 video training series and has made over 5,000 speeches in all 50 states and 17 foreign countries.

As one of the industry's top business consultants, Dave has authored numerous articles on the benefits of various products and services offered to improve homes. He has been a business consultant to many companies and management groups who are developing or improving products and services for the building materials industry.

In 1991, he wrote his best selling book: How to Have a Good Year Every Year (Berkeley Press) which was circulated internationally in five languages.  In 2005, his sequel, Have a Great Year Every Year was published and it also became a best seller.

His latest publication, Why Buy Replacement Windows? is already receiving tremendous accolades - both within the home improvement industry and among homeowners..

Dave is a champion of entrepreneurship who is passionate about assisting in the growth of small business while also motivating and inspiring individuals through his business consulting services.

Dave's Major Business Consultant Accomplishments:

  • Developed: The step selling system (originally – six sales to a sale).
  • Created: The most effective system for hiring and training salespeople.
  • Introduced: The Total Offer Concept – Post-negative suggestion – The acceptance/ rejection close – The preferred customer discount – Audio/Video training systems for every level of the industry – Professional selling skills (Closing the sale) – How to run a more profitable company – Customer satisfaction selling.
  • Presented: To numerous Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and fellow business consultants including: Goodyear – AT&T – Andersen Windows – Sears – Century 21 – Automotive Satellite Training Network – Bell Telephone – The Yellow Pages – Burger King.
  • Researched: For 17 years, the concept of communication then developed and introduced – “Power Linguistics©” (a complete study course).
  • Provides: Advice, direction and business consultant services for both public and private corporations, through seminars and on-site training.

Mission Statement

Our true role is to uncover issues, and practices which may not be apparent to our clients in terms of either severity or consequences.

To serve as a responsible and confidential sounding board for issues of importance to our clients.

To tell the truth as we see it, and be prepared for confrontation and resistance from owners and managers.

To have as a desired outcome those things which most benefit our clients' business at the risk of being resisted, or criticized in the process.

We prepare ourselves for our role as consultants by acquiring the most up to date information and by constantly upgrading our skills of presentation.

To serve our client best we will strive daily to suppress our egos and despite all issues which are provocative, attempt to empathize with our clients relative to their problems and concerns.

Dave Yoho Associates

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