10 Disciplines of a Successful Sales Representative

The following are 10 power statements that can be utilized in sales meetings and sales management training.  The concept behind these 10 ideas was originated by Michael “Mickey” Madden of U.S. Home Systems.

These ideas are being published in memory of William “Bill” Sherwood who passed away in early December 2011.  Bill exemplified these disciplines and made them a part of his everyday business life. He has impacted hundreds of  sales trainees by being an example of what he taught.

  1. Accepting total responsibility for the results: Success is in your hands.
  2. A commitment to excellence: Be available; follow the methodology and the milestones on each and every sales call.
  3. An expectant attitude: Expect to make a sale every day.
  4. Establishing goals: In accordance with effective goal setting techniques.
  5. A specific plan of action: A goal without a plan is like a destination without a map.
  6. A commitment to self: The successful sales representative is eager to work all resources and disciplined to develop their knowledge, understanding of buyers habits and skill of delivery.
  7. Insulation from the common sales cold “ Negativism”: A negative attitude is the most fatal illness of a sales person
  8. Flexibility in thinking: Acceptance of new ideas.
  9. Maximize creativity: Doing what it takes everyday to maximize earnings.
  10. Belief: Belief in yourself, your family, your products and your effort. If you don’t no-one else ever will.

It's never too late to effectuate change in your personal or business life - start today.

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