David Alan Yoho, Senior Account Executive

David Yoho has invested his entire life helping managers and salespeople become more productive and more profitable. He has a 34-year reputation for providing systems, consulting and coaching to help businesses generate more leads and convert them to customers for life while building a brand of integrity.

David has delivered thousands of speeches, seminars and training programs for contractors, associations, manufacturers and distributors. He’s produced more than 300 customized audio & video training programs on marketing, sales, management, and motivation.


What He Can Do for You:

  • Develop: Programs which produce more leads consistently from a wider and less costly mix.
  • Structure: A program that measures results on every level from lead intake to net closing rates.
  • Design: Methods to improve cash flow.
  • Create: Improved selling methods which produce better closing rates at better prices.
  • Teach: A hiring system which recruits, hires and trains the best applicants.
  • Deliver: Exciting, intense and productive sales meetings and seminars for retail companies and manufacturers.
  • Review: Internal operating procedures in all departments. Coach and counsel business owners and managers.