Brian Smith, Senior Account Executive

Brian Smith joined Dave Yoho Associates as part of a “turn-around team” after almost 20 years experience in sales management with some of the largest and most successful retailers in the U.S.

He now practices as a Senior Account Executive working on a broad range of consulting assignments throughout the industry. He has developed programs for large and mid-size companies covering almost all products which are sold directly to home owners.

What He Can Do for You:

  • Observe: A 2-day evaluation of all aspects of your business.
  • Develop: Annual budgets, forecasts, business plans, and models.
  • Evaluate: Personnel, sales training methods, hiring and recruiting systems, sales, administration, and production departments.
  • Create: Middle and upper management training programs, as well as compensation systems.
  • Redesign: Advertising and marketing programs, brochures, and presentation books.
  • Perform: High energy sales meetings and workshops.
  • Produce: Custom webinars for every level of your organization.