A Success Story – Reviving Old/Unsold Leads

The following case study comes from one of our home improvement clients and shows the value of having someone in your company that can perform a quality revisit.

The Original Lead: 6 months old (for siding and trim). Salesperson returned the lead as a D.N.S. (Did Not Sell).

The Process: Unsold leads along with “non-presented” leads (not home, not presented for numerous reasons) are re-solicited by a “Specialist” Call Center Rep.

The Reissued Lead: Now 5 months old, it is given to a different salesperson who is required to do a complete “all steps” presentation.

The Details: The original project (siding) was found to be mis-measured/misquoted at $24,000; the actual price should have been $32,900.

The Sales Process: The prospects are treated to a complete (step-selling method) presentation (without condemnation of the previous salesperson). It was accomplished following “revisit sales scripting”.

The Outcome: By walking the prospects through the entire process, including color selection and the finance program, a contract was signed for $32,900 and included a $9500 deposit. The balance of $23,400 was financed.

The Learning Curve: Reinforced by Dave Yoho’s words “Closing the sale is the natural conclusion to the satisfactory completion of each step in the sales process.”

The Reminder: Go ye and do likewise.

All data (facts) were provided by a large home improvement company (Chicago area) and verified by Dave Yoho Associates.


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