An Effective DISC Analysis

In response to numerous questions our company receives regarding the use of our DISC analysis, here is but one of the benefits of using this instrument in a manner beneficial to an interview and a hiring decision.

First, you need to read the report and not just look at the charts to learn about the individual.

The key to proper hiring is to understand that a person who wants a job will almost always tell you he and she can and will do the job.  The interview is an infomercial where the applicants job is to persuade you.  As such, your job is to get to the reality of three questions based on their profile. Can they satisfactorily perform the task you want?  This means, under the day-to-day stress, are they capable of managing their thoughts and emotions to do the things you ask them to do.

Next, will they exhibit the behavior you require so they can be successful?  This means, under the day-to-day stress, will they manage their thoughts and emotions to do the things you ask them to do.

And third, do they fit?  Are they the kind of person that you want on your team?

Understand that they may do everything possible to convince you that they meet all three criteria because they want a job.  Remember the same people that want the job in the interview and sell you on all three questions are the same people that may quit during training.  They might go to lunch and not return, they may give up in the first few weeks or eventually never do well and eventually quit.

Imagine if they really acted each and every day the same way they acted during the interview. The problem is that the interview is for the most part an act.  The interviewer must get past the act, and get to understand the real person and be able to answer for yourself, those three questions.  Can they satisfactorily perform the tasks you want? Will they exhibit the behavior you require so they can be successful? Do they fit?

Once again, the person that quits after a few days or weeks sold you on these three questions.  It should also tell you that it is easy to hire the wrong person.

To hire more of the right people and fewer of the wrong ones, learn, understand and use the DISC Analysis. You should hire those people that have profiles that are known to be more than likely to succeed.

When you hire those with the wrong profiles, who are less likely to succeed, you may be asking a person to behave in a way that is in conflict with their personal beliefs and values. You also have hired a person less likely to succeed.

If you read the report, you will learn a great deal from all the sections, but look at the area noted as; you (the applicant) Tend to Be Most Effective In Environments Which Provide.

Examining Their Usual Behavior and Needs Under Stress

A sample DISC Analysis profile that we typically pull results from produced the following results about an individual:

Example: Under Stress They May Appear:

  • Pushy
  • Irritable
  • Intrusive
  • Restless
  • Critical

Under Stress They May Need:

  • Control of the situation and themself
  • Tangible evidence of progress
  • Accomplishment of tasks with which they may be unfamiliar

Their Typical Behaviors in Conflict:

  • Their anger is directed at the situation and the lack of desired results, not at anyone, personally. However, their outbursts and behaviors may appear to be a personal attack. Do they tend to react quickly? Often they may fail to choose their words appropriately.
  • Generally they do not hold a grudge. Once an incident is over, it is generally forgotten on a personal level, although the factors that produced a lack of satisfactory results will be considered and evaluated.
  • Are they comfortable with conflict, aggression and anger? Many times, they may not realize the impact their behavior has on others. In some instances, they may consciously choose anger and aggression as a tactical weapon. In which case, they are likely to increase the level of aggression

This is only a brief window into the full results that an actual DISC Analysis Profile contains. There are 35 pages worth of detailed information on the individual’s behavioral style and how to properly manage and motivate them.

In conclusion and with this this available data, you may decide not to hire this person.  The difference between what they need to be comfortable in a position on a day-to-day basis, and what you will expect them to do, are not nearly in harmony.

As people seek to have their beliefs and behaviors in harmony, they also find frustration when their beliefs and behaviors and not at all in harmony.  This subject matter is called cognitive dissonance. Research it as much as you can. This will help you better understand why people may fail after you hire and train them.

The only way you will ever improve your hiring results and build a super team is to stop guessing and trusting your gut for anything more than when you are hungry, then learn more and begin trusting the science of behavioral analysis.

You will shape the future by the decisions you make.  But you must first accept the results of the people you hired in the past.  You must own those results because you hired them!  What happens next is up to you, but again, you must own the results.

All the best my friends, and by your decisions continue to make 2018 the best year ever!

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