More Q&A from our March 2013 Webinar

As promised, we will now continue to respond to some of the questions we received from our latest home improvement webinar on shows and events.

Q: I don’t agree with not having salesmen at the shows. They are the ones who keep business flowing and they are more knowledgeable about our products and services versus a show crew. I really didn’t see that as a helpful tip, more of a dangerous tip.

A: I thank you for your candor and your input – – my answer is twofold.

  1. All our current research (the last 3 to 4 years) indicates that when properly scripted show personnel are used with management supervision and leads are “set” by a call center or someone similarly trained in a smaller company, the quantity of leads increases exponentially. This is also supported when we “shop” various shows and keep records of what systems/methods are the most effective (more on this later).
  2. The fact that you don’t agree is evidence that you believe your plan is better, and I have no argument with that – – as long as you are getting the full benefit by using your salespeople and are maximizing the number of leads you get at shows (which includes those for immediate presentation and those for follow-up, including database).

Two thoughts on the latter: First, the most effective salespeople by their very nature will want to know as rapidly as possibly whether this is (by their interpretation) a good/hot/qualified lead. Second, all of our current research indicates that when the prospect is spending more than 10 minutes with the lead taker then he/she is getting involved with issues such as how a product is installed, how it’s made, etc. This when combined with war stories containing numerous first person statements are what might make that salesperson successful when selling. However, it obviates for the most part the possibility of developing more nebulous (less qualified) leads where the prospect may be displaying little interest which is often interpreted as, no interest or, “I need the product but I don’t want to be visited by a salesperson.”

Our research further indicates that scripted show promoters who can answer the questions regarding the best way to have one’s house evaluated (see example below) may bring about a lead that is less qualified in the salesperson’s eyes, but with proper training will bring “maybe’s” who can be converted to a “yes”.

Here is an example of powerful scripting when setting the lead:

“Our representative will come to your home and do a careful examination of the conditions.  He will access what you want to have done – or need to have done – and – if our company can provide such services we will give you an accurate written proposal on what your investment would be.  And if we cannot provide such services we will try to provide you with sources that may be able to fulfill your needs.”

The above is only a snippet of a good script, and should be used in place of “we’ll come out and give you an estimate” or something similar, which is what everyone else says, seldom realizing that the word estimate is frequently interpreted as “ballpark” or “guess.” A script which includes the previous verbiage becomes the foundation of what your salespeople will say when meeting prospects at their home. As an example, the salesperson at the house for the first time and as early as possible asks:

“Did my company explain what we’re going to do for you today without obligation?”


[after they answer]


“We will look at what you want to have done and need to have done and if we can provide the services that you require we’ll provide you with an accurate written proposal on what your investment would be. And if we cannot provide such services we will try to provide you with sources that may be able to fulfill your needs.”


Again, this is only a snippet. These phrases are structured on a psychological study which is based on neurolinguistic programming.

Finally, while we thank you again for your inquiry, it was not our intent to attempt to convert you. Remember, if you are getting maximization out of your current methods, continue doing what you’re doing. However, I do suggest that when you get the opportunity, try our methods and measure one against the other; you may be in for some pleasant surprises.

Q: Do shows allow people to stand at the entrance to hand out literature?

A: Many of the larger shows have rules (standards and practices), check those out first.  Some of the smaller shows do not.  We have had clients who have been successful in handing out a layout of the show which shows the numbers of the booths and locations (these are usually made available by the show’s producers).  They hand it to each entrant and then have a sticker on the front which says “See us at booth 64” or in lieu of that they wear a name tag badge which says the same thing.

We will expound upon these topics at our upcoming programs in Orlando and Washington D.C. Visit to learn more.

Continue to stay tuned for more answers to the excellent questions we received.

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