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We are currently in the process of uploading clips from many of our powerful videos onto YouTube. The first video that was uploaded, The Four Dimensions of a Powerful and 

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Danger Between the Lines

Recently I was asked to participate in a local documentary produced by the Hunter Mill Defense League entitled, “Danger Between the Lines”. It tells the story of one of the 

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Yesterday’s Tele-Conference

Yesterday’s tele-conference was a huge success! Thanks again to all of our sponsors for their assistance in putting this event together. Without them it would not be possible. In total 

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2009 Master of Influence Award . . .

On July 20, 2009 my professional speaker peers at the National Speakers Association Annual Convention in Phoenix honored me when they bestowed upon me the coveted “Master of Influence” award. 

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Why Buy Replacement Windows?

My book Why Buy Replacement Windows? was recently featured on the Home Remodeling Ideas blog from Visit their blog to read an excerpt from my book and order your 

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Your Salespeople Do Not Like to Sell

At seminars this statement attracts flak like a magnet held over iron filings. Salespeople and their managers protest; they evoke their love of selling. Then I ask pointed questions and 

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The High Cost of Negativity

You’ve got a lead in your hand. An appointment has been set and confirmed by your office. You’re an experienced salesperson. You know your product and you’ve been trained how 

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