Continued Q&A From Our June 2017 Webinar

In our most recent webinar on lead generation and management, we covered a wide array topics pertaining to how you could get and convert leads at a more efficient rate. We were inundated with questions which we addressed in our last blog posting. Now we will continue to address many of the questions we received directed to Mark Highabugh of 

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Q&A From June 2017 Webinar

We recently held a webinar entitled “Is the Cost of Lead Development Helping or Hurting Your Bottom Line?” We received an abundance of questions for the speakers: Dave Yoho, Chris Behan of Socius Marketing, Mark Highbaugh of Marlimar Mobile Strategies and Tim Musch of Marketsharp, which will now be addressed here. NOTE: we will also be producing part 2 of 

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Using A Customer Satisfaction Representative

Many home improvement companies miss the boat in their sales process by not hiring a customer satisfaction rep (C.S.R.) either full or part time. Here is a five step process for implementing the skills of a C.S.R. in your business. Step 1:  Job is sold/approved – ready to go Step 2:  C.S.R. (Customer Satisfaction Rep.) is assigned He visits job 

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Forty Years of Progress

It is abundantly clear that this is an industry on the move! Forty years ago the home improvement industry was struggling to reach a projection of $2 billion annual gross revenue. Now the annual gross revenue stands at $300 billion plus (conservatively). However, we are a fragmented industry without proper recognition or status for an industry this size. The number 

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Q&A From March 2016 Webinar

The following questions were left over from our most recent webinar on lead management and diversification: Q: How do you isolate those who are “not now” leads – how do you follow up with them? A: A well-managed company does the following with lead intake: Logs every lead into their database Ensures that a lead slip contains a name, address, phone 

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Basic Business Structure Cautions

In order to set up a business or corporation, there are some key business cautions that you need to be aware of: Consult an attorney, create an issue stock certificate for shares invested, and have a minutes book. You created this corporation to limit your personal liabilities, therefore, be sure to use the correct, full corporate name on your letterhead, 

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What is a Salesperson?

A salesperson is often a pin on a map or a name on a monthly report to the sales manager, an enigma to non-salespeople, a bookkeeping item called “cost-of-selling” to the accountant, a smile and a wisecrack to a receptionist, and a “glad handing”, sometimes flattering vendor connection to the buyer. Many salespeople today need the endurance of an Olympic 

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Recover Your Cancellations

Let me start this posting with a powerful statement: “A well-defined cancel/save procedure can recover 25 to 30% of rescinded contracts.” In one of my last columns I wrote that rescission is a malfunction of the sales process. A canceled sale usually means something has been left unsaid, or un-clarified. As an example, at the close the salesperson assures the 

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Q&A From June 2015 Webinar

Building rapport with prospects continues to be one of the biggest issues in the industry, which is why it was addressed during our latest home improvement webinar. As always there were numerous questions that we could not answer during the program, so we will tackle them in this posting. Q: Do you believe you can teach salespeople how to develop 

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Immediately after your training, I ran my first solo appointment and got the order for $16,088! I beat out a reputable local remodeling company whose bid was $4000 less and was referred to by the customer as a slightly ‘better’ product.

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