Q&A From March 2016 Webinar

The following questions were left over from our most recent webinar on lead management and diversification:

Q: How do you isolate those who are “not now” leads – how do you follow up with them?

A: A well-managed company does the following with lead intake:

  1. Logs every lead into their database
  2. Ensures that a lead slip contains a name, address, phone number (cell phone if possible), and an email address plus call permission (under present “do not call” laws you have a period of about 90 days from the time you get an inquiry.) A call permission would indicate the customer giving you permission to call in the future regarding any changes in either the structure of the product or the price.
  3. Ensures that leads are confirmed by a scripted confirmer (within 48 hours or less) into appointments for issuance.
  4. Supervises lead issuance and regulates the number of leads issued daily, then requires that unsold leads are reported, detailed and returned within specific time parameters which can range from 24 hours to 3 to 7 days. (The shorter the better).
  5. Rehashes unsold leads to confirm appropriate use by the salesperson. Unsold leads are entered into a database for rehash and future redistribution.

Q: Our salespeople resent rehashing; they see it as questioning their ability and integrity.

A: Much depends on the circumstances under which your salespeople are hired and the operational policies you put in place to control “issued leads”. Consider that your issued lead cost for your company may range anywhere from $200 – $400 (sometimes more). This is a costly asset being left in the control of a salesperson.

Rehashing helps to ensure that the salesperson completed the inspection and sales process as you defined it, and that the customer is left with “satisfaction” whether they bought or not. Frequently, rehashing even can increase closing rates!

Q: Do you advocate giving prices or ballpark figures at a show?

A: No. The promoters working your booth (remember we advocate that you don’t use salespeople in your booth) should be pushing for “the value of the visit” during which your company rep will look at the project in terms of what you want to have done and what needs to be done (maybe two different things).  If you review the latest webinar, you will note we advocate a thorough inspection which may indicate needs not expressed by the owner. The price given should be based on what the inspection produces and the salesperson’s proposal of the corrective needs. Any issuance of a price or a “ballpark” number (at a show) is injurious to your sales process and is usually unfair to the customer.

Q: Do you ever get “push back” or criticism for being too aggressive at shows?

A: We directed this question to Joe Talmon and the number of clients he has represented who utilize our concepts. The only criticism that we receive comes from those in other booths. To my knowledge, our clients have never received criticism from customers. However, remember it’s scripted and it isn’t only what you say, but how you say it.

Q: We have a display in Home Depot, do we use the same methods you recommend for shows?

A: This ties in to a previous question. In this case, remember you are on someone else’s turf and need to operate within the confines of their policies. If your methods are characterized as overly aggressive or high pressured that’s because they are perceived as such by customers/those shopping in Home Depot. However, we remind you that we follow the same policies and it’s always scripted and managed to ensure that the promoter is following the script.

Q: We cannot get our salespeople to work around their jobs during the install – how do we handle this?

A: Not an uncommon question. Despite the fact that other homeowners in a neighborhood often have a concept of “sameness”, in addition they are stimulated/motivated to compare their property/home with that of your customer who is having work done. It is wise to solicit business around that home whether the salesperson who sold the job is willing to do this or not.

Most companies have a program that offers an increase in the incentive (commission) for self-developed leads. And most companies are aware of the cost of developing a lead. If nothing better, hire a part-time college student to work around that job. First, going to the customer’s home where your job is being done, and casually asking questions about the neighbors and their names. Even without the latter, using your customer’s name as you solicit identifies your work and stimulates their interest. Remember, they must be scripted utilizing “the value of the visit” (inspection).

Next, comes who should get that lead. The salesperson who sold the job in progress will claim priority, but that doesn’t mean they should get the leads developed from an action that they wouldn’t undertake. If you have a plan where your salespeople get 5% or 10% extra for a self-developed lead, you have a budget for hiring the part time solicitor.


Dave Yoho Associates are the leaders in business consulting and sales training for the industry. We utilized their services to grow from a small business to averaging over $10 million annually.

Wendy Patterson, Co-Owner
Patterson Homes & Construction

Dave Yoho Associates’ consultants are the sharpest in the industry, and are incredible communicators, very engaging, and always inspiring. Their industry insight is unmatched, as is their creativity.

Todd Miller, President
Isaiah Industries

Our remodeling business had annual sales of under $9 million when we became contract clients of Dave Yoho Associates. Due to their training and systems, our revenue soared – – we are headed for over $35 million this year.

Vince Nardo, President
Reborn Cabinets

I learned an abundance from your canvassing training. Thank you so much for helping us revise our methodology!

Lynann Everett, Interactive Marketing Manager
RbA of Northeast PA

It was an honor for us to have Dave Yoho Associates hold a sales meeting for our team. Everyone was enthralled by the powerful content that we are already implementing throughout our business.

Rick Otto, VP of Sales
Coach House Garages

We’ve used the consulting services of Dave Yoho Associates for several years now. Much of our success can be attributed to following their systematic teachings and practices.

Michael Hoy, President
Great Day Improvements

One of the primary takeaways from your most recent visit to our company was that the words, promises, and tone of our call center reps need to speak directly to the prospect’s needs, followed by a professional, systematic sales presentation which builds immediate rapport and trust.

Dave Cerrone, President
Fitch Construction

I’ve had the privilege of using Dave Yoho Associates consulting services for the last three years. It’s by far the best single business decision I’ve made. Their structure, training, and business coaching are second to none.

Michael James, CEO
Classic Exteriors

I want to thank the entire team at Dave Yoho Associates for meeting with our Canvassing Managers last week. The knowledge we learned in only one day was invaluable.

Jason Hollister, Proximity Marketing Manager
RbA Southard Corporation

Your consultant introduced many thought-provoking, exciting concepts that were implemented and drove our net profit. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Dave Yoho Associates!

Mark Watson, Owner
Exterior Medics


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