A Hands-On Approach That Drives Profitability

Your business is our business. At Dave Yoho Associates, our role as consultants is to uncover issues and practices which may not be apparent to our clients in terms of either severity or consequences. We prepare ourselves by acquiring the most up-to-date information and by constantly upgrading our skills of presentation.

We strive daily to suppress our egos, and, despite provocative issues, our desired outcome is to benefit our clients’ business at the risk of being resisted, or criticized in the process. Additionally, each one of our Account Executives has over 15 years of senior management experience. They know your industry, the problems you face and the challenges you need to overcome.

We can assist you with:

  • An observation of your business operations
  • A training session for your sales staff or management personnel
  • Creating an in-home presentation
  • Custom scripting for your sales and marketing staff
  • Improving your internal operations
  • Hiring the right personnel and avoiding the wrong ones
  • Producing audio/video training programs
  • Business turnarounds
  • Mergers or acquisitions
  • Entering a new product/service market
  • Preparing an exit strategy

Our services are provided on-site, via phone, over the web, or on a project-by-project or long-range basis.

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