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Most businesses are unique; however, they are usually driven by sales performance. Regardless of whether you are a home improvement, remodeling, or home services company, if you utilize an in-home sales approach, you have a short timeframe to gain the trust of a prospect, and even the smallest misstep can compromise the sale.

If stagnating or diminishing revenue is holding your business back, the in-home sales consultants at Dave Yoho Associates will provide the insights and solutions you need to thrive in an increasingly competitive environment. We have spent decades helping industry businesses perfect their in-home sales techniques and processes so they can improve their bottom line. Founded in 1962, we are the longest-serving and most successful business consulting company in the industry.


Our sales training specialists all have more than 15 years of industry experience in an Executive-Level role, and they recognize the unique challenges that come with selling in the home. Leveraging unrivaled knowledge and skill, we quickly identify issues that prevent your business from achieving annual revenue goals. We also implement proven training systems that lead to greater profitability.

With the help of our in-home sales consultants, you will learn modern techniques, ways to build stronger rapport with potential customers, and how to convert a “maybe” into a “yes”.


Certain characteristics of effective sales practices are universal, while others are more nuanced and based on the market and its customer demographics. The in-home sales consultants at Dave Yoho Associates carefully evaluate the specific challenges you’re facing and provide tailored solutions that lead to rapid Improvement.


  • Developing or refining your sales system
  • Constructing a custom presentation with in-home sales scripting
  • Selling against price and other objections
  • Coaching trial and power closes
  • Presenting to the prospect’s value system
  • Improving your “needs assessment” while selling in the home
  • Understanding why some prospects buy and others don’t
  • Learning the psychological laws of selling
  • Navigating the cultural, emotional, and perceptual barriers of prospects
  • Teaching an effective “post-close” that will reduce cancellations
  • Incorporating modern technology into your sales processes
  • And much more!


Our sales training consultants have helped thousands of businesses increase their close rates and net revenue. We can work with you on-site, by phone or Zoom, or on a project-by-project or long-range basis, and your information will be protected through our personalized Confidentiality Agreement.

Recently, Dave Yoho Associates performed ‘role-play’ scenarios for three hours with our salespeople. The eye-rolling is gone and their confidence has grown substantially. Can’t wait for your visit next month!

Jason Phillips, CEO
Phillips Home Improvements

Immediately after your training, I ran my first solo appointment and got the order for $16,088! I beat out a reputable local remodeling company whose bid was $4000 less and 

Sara Zarndt-Brickey, Operations
Re-Bath of Illinois

It was an honor for us to have Dave Yoho Associates hold a sales meeting for our team. Everyone was enthralled by the powerful content that we are already implementing 

Rick Otto, VP of Sales
Coach House Garages


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