Client Comments

Client Comments

Vince Nardo - Dave Yoho Associates Customer Testimonial
Vince Nardo, President
Reborn Cabinets Anaheim, CA

“Our family business had annual sales of under $9 million during the recession. We became clients of Dave Yoho Associates and Brian Smith became our account executive. His regular visits and training of our team aided us in the development of a modern sales and marketing system. With his help our sales have soared. We did over $2.4 million in sales for the month of September. We are headed for over $24 million this year.”

David Moore - Dave Yoho Associates Customer Testimonial
David Moore, Chairman and C.E.O.
Moore Holdings New York, New York

"We own a 60 year old, third generation company with four divisions and operate in a highly competitive market. Soon after graduating from Harvard, my grandfather (the founder) and my uncle (the president) both passed away, and I became president. Our association with Dave Yoho’s methods when coupled with our history, my education, and an understanding of the business has enabled us to grow in size and profitability each year. Thanks to our relationship with Dave Yoho Associates, each year we get new ideas to make our company prosperous."

Beth Anderson - Dave Yoho Associates Customer Testimonial
Beth Anderson, Owner
Carolina Home Remodeling Charlotte, NC

"Several weeks ago, we decided that in order to get to the next level we needed some help.  We hired Joe Talmon, and he brought an outside perspective with a genuine sense of concern.  In just one month, we have already seen huge improvements in our sales team. When he came into our office our closing rate was very low, since then it has increased by 14%.  Our NSLI (Net Sales per Leads Issued) has increased by over $500.  We have already seen huge improvements in our sales team and all within one month.  I look forward to continuing to work with you, as I see that together great things do happen! "

Tom Black - Dave Yoho Associates Customer Testimonial
Tom Black, Executive Director
Metal Roofing Alliance Belfair, WA

“Our association represents the manufacturers of aluminum and steel coil as well as those who convert that coil to metal roofing and similar products. We’ve retained Dave Yoho Associates to produce the training in our industry for in-home sales. Their consultants teach the most up to date, useable information for salespeople who sell in the home that we know of.”

Dave Yoho Associates Customer Testimonial
Don Bruce, President
American Home Design, Inc. Goodlettsville, Tennessee

"Brian Smith is a no-nonsense guy who has been in the home and knows how to sell. He continues to help our sales force stay focused and as such we will bring him back every year. Despite our price point being higher in an ultra-competitive market, the salespeople we hire and train are capable of maintaining a volume of over $1 million annually. We utilize Dave Yoho Associates methodology. Our salespeople are hired and trained by the system."

Seth Leader & Seth Sammeyer - Dave Yoho Associates Customer Testimonial
Brian Leader and Seth Cammeyer, Co-Founders
Improveit! USA Columbus, OH

"David Yoho produced amazing results for us! Every percentage point of improvement (in our issue rate) translated to an additional $500,000 in business. What a perfect storm, you paid for yourself 5 times over, reduced our marketing costs and increased our sales all in one year!"

Tyson Schwartz - Dave Yoho Associates Customer Testimonial
Tyson Schwartz, VP of Sales
Soft-Lite Streetsboro, OH

"Dave Yoho is an icon in the in home selling industry. He is known for his knowledge, experience, and inspiring presentations. Dave and his team of consultants produce immediate results."

Aaron Heth - Dave Yoho Associates Customer Testimonial
Aaron Heth, CEO
ASAP Windows & Siding Austin, TX

"I would like to thank Joe for his visit with us over here at ASAP.  For me, the meaning of 'value' is getting more than what you paid for, and this has truly been the case with his services. His knowledge of the industry and approach to consulting left me inspired and optimistic for the road ahead."

Eric Bohner - Dave Yoho Associates Customer Testimonial
Eric Bohner, National Sales Mgr.
Liners Direct Roselle, IL

“We have been partners of Dave Yoho Associates for over 10 years and they have had a tremendous impact on our manufacturing business. We feature Brian Smith on film and live at all of our training meetings. Our dealers always clamor for more and you will too.”

Jim & Shera Sipes - Dave Yoho Associates Customer Testimonial
Jim and Shera Sipes, Co-Founders
Nebaska Seamless Inc. Lincoln, NE

"Joe Talmon's coaching was amazing. I loved his demonstration of the company and product stories. The one thing in the demo that grabbed my attention was how well he tied the features down with the customer and made them the only obvious choice.   I appreciate Joe for sharing his talent with us and for always being there when I call."

Stephen Klein - Dave Yoho Associates Customer Testimonial
Stephen Klein, President
Anthony Home Improvements Elkins Park, PA

"Dave is an accomplished world-renowned speaker, motivator and expert in the in-home sales industry. He's one of the few experts that other experts turn to when they need consulting advice. My career and life has been positively altered because of Dave. I highly recommend him."

Frank Davis - Dave Yoho Associates Customer Testimonial
Frank Davis, VP of Sales
GE Capital St. Paul, MN

"GE is committed to providing best in class products, services, and processes. We utilize Dave Yoho Associates and Brian’s Smith’s industry expertise and training acumen to help us effectively communicate that value to our dealer network."

Mark Watson - Dave Yoho Associates Customer Testimonial
Mark Watson, Owner
Exterior Medics Springfield, VA

"My firm recently hired Dave Yoho Associates, and although we were familiar with your company, we still had reservations about the process, particularly with not knowing the Account Executive, Joe Talmon. However, the profound knowledge that he displayed about our industry and the way it was delivered caused us to set these reservations aside. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Joe and your company."

Giovanni Vitale - Dave Yoho Associates Customer Testimonial
Giovanni Vitale, C.E.O.
TEMO Sunrooms Detroit, Michigan

"When I was first exposed to Dave Yoho’s system I owned a small manufacturing company with a volume of less than $1 million. Today our volume (including our retail center) exceeds $65 million. We eat, sleep, breathe, but most of all 'sell by the system’. The majority of our dealers and all of our managers and executives attend Dave Yoho Associates’ programs regularly."

Tom Audette - Dave Yoho Associates
Tom Audette, Marketing Manager
Renewal by Andersen Cottage Grove, MN

"I've had the distinct pleasure to work with Dave and his company on numerous occasions over the last several years. They are the unquestioned source for consulting and best practices for our industry. Working with Dave and his associates for two and a half years was, for me, just as valuable of an educational experience in my career as my MBA. I have found Dave to be the consummate professional and a true gentlemen. I would enthusiastically recommend Dave Yoho Associates to any business owner looking to improve his company's operations, marketing and sales practices, and profitability."

Gerald Beyers
Gerald Beyers, President
ABC Seamless Siding Fargo, North Dakota

"Our Executive Vice President and our managers regularly attend Dave Yoho Associates’ programs and have their consultants in for training sessions. Each year we learn more - 10 years ago we learned a new method to deal with our insurance (we saved over $65,000 the first year). The amount of information we receive is invaluable. We are not affiliated with any company which provides as much help to our business."

Todd Milller - Dave Yoho Associates Customer Testimonial
Todd Miller, President
Isaiah Industries Piqua, OH

"Dave Yoho Associates is incredibly well connected and comprised of many of the sharpest guys in the industry who are incredible communicators, very engaging, and always inspiring. Their industry insight is unmatched, as is their creativity."

Eric Minkiewicz - Dave Yoho Associates Customer Testimonial
Eric Minkiewicz, Owner
Huff N' Puff Schenectady, NY

“Dave Yoho and his organization have been a great help to the growth of our company. His industry experience is second to none and he can be relied upon for tried and true solutions.

Paul B - Dave Yoho Associates
Paul Baudisch, Co-Founder
Keyword Connects Waltham, MA

"Dave Yoho Associates is comprised of insightful consultants. I value their perspectives on my industry, and on how to run a profitable business."

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