Sales/Marketing Issues

1) 32 companies had immediate results from using the revisit/rehash lead format. Here is one example:

“After attending your webinar we began to call back our recent “not sold” leads and utilized a combination of (1)
instant factory rebate (2) the special financing you mentioned (0% for 6 months) – – great information. Although
its early to access the sustained effectiveness of this approach, early results are promising – – scheduled (3)
appointments; closed (2) deals; one for $75k and one for $15k. Thanks Dave for all you do.”

– Peter (a window company in South Florida)

2) Over 100 companies reporting rehash appointments done correctly, experienced an over 50% close rate.

According to John Pohl (President, Springs Connect) he continues to set appointments for companies that are offering
extra special savings to consumers who are still willing to do business now. You could call it a buy
now, install later – – 
understand that with unusual times can come unusual opportunities.

Further the phone reps are explaining that the company is willing to reduce their price to create an
even better win-win relationship
 where the customer gets an unusually great price and the company
gets to keep people working or get people back to work as soon as things improve with the virus situation.

In areas where salespeople are still allowed to visit clients for estimates, one company reported 13 sales out of 16
presentations. Another reported 4 sold out of 8.

3) The use of “virtual” to create appointments or to use as an extra step in the sales methodology is really taking
off. 44 companies report exceptional results. We will have more information in our next report (one
example is below

A California “Bath Refitting” company reports 4 sales in the first day they used a virtual
presentation. Let us know your experience (

Reducing Staffing Levels

Joe Talmon, a Senior Account Executive with DYA, reports companies with senior staffing levels are reevaluating
whether or not they really need all those they employ. A close examination of smaller teams that are getting the job
done, begs the questions, of the necessity of certain positions. The general theme is “It’s time to get

Attorney D.S. Berenson,
whose practice specializes in home improvement issues, is currently reviewing the recently passed law, some of which
takes effect on Wednesday and will respond to questions regarding that in the next report.

Permitting Issues

Attorney D.S. Berenson also states, issuing agencies are limiting hours of operation or shutting down completely,
creating a monumental backlog of permitting and inspection. What do you do if your jobsite has been
frozen out because you can’t pull a permit or obtain an inspection?

Attorney Berenson suggests you review your work order/contract, which should contain a clause such as:

“Events beyond the control of the contractor such as delays by local government authorities in issuing or
otherwise approving inspections, permitting or other required authorizations for the job – do not constitute
abandonment and are not included in calculating timeframes for performance by the contractor.”

Berenson points out in an interview with QR Magazine, this type of language should
prevent you from being damaged and should allow you to freeze the job site.

Is Your Business Essential or Non-Essential?

Many contractors have applied to be considered essential. Much depends on the manner and style of language being used
in applying for the “essential” category.

Most companies performing roof repairs and replacement are finding it easier to continue the work flow providing they
can get materials delivered. In most cases the roofing crews don’t have much or any interaction with
the homeowners.

As states update their rules and regulations you need to be up to date on what you are, and are not allowed to do in
your specific area. Recently some states have made more stringent requirements for businesses to abide by and expect
more to follow. Some states are now stating that they will issue fines and possible jail time if guidelines are
ignored. At all times keep the healthy and safety of your people and customers, top of mind.

Example: Re-roofing: Most modern roofing companies use an “inspection” and explore the attic
area to determine if there is a previous “ridge cut” and/or if there is presence of mold or mildew, which is often
the case when there is no previous “ridge cut” and/or soffit ventilation. Re-roofing can thereafter be installed
without the necessity of reentering the home except for remediation. For more information, refer to a book published
in 2015 entitled, “Above All You Need a Great Roof”, authors – Dave Yoho and Jim Cory. Copies
are available through Isaiah Industries, a metal roofing manufacturer in Piqua, Ohio or The Metal Roofing

Many ideas contained in this book will aid you in establishing “necessity”. Much the same research and
edification is available for bath refitting, basement waterproofing, H.V.A.C. emergency generators, water
purification, et al.
 It’s up to you to prove your case, but it is being done effectively by many.

Dave Yoho Associates provided guidance, advice, best practices, and support to our entire staff. Our company has improved across every level after working with them.

Cris Keeter, Owner
All-States Exteriors

We found Dave Yoho Associates extremely professional and knowledgeable in evaluating our current business model and recommending specific solutions that will improve our efficiency and profit.

Wasyl Bodnar, President
Ventana Design, Sales, and Manufacturing

One of the primary takeaways from your most recent visit to our company was that the words, promises, and tone of our call center reps need to speak directly to the prospect’s needs, followed by a professional, systematic sales presentation which builds immediate rapport and trust.

Dave Cerrone, President
Fitch Construction

Our remodeling business had annual sales of under $9 million when we became contract clients of Dave Yoho Associates. Due to their training and systems, our revenue soared – – we are headed for over $35 million this year.

Vince Nardo, President
Reborn Cabinets

Your consultant introduced many thought-provoking, exciting concepts that were implemented and drove our net profit. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Dave Yoho Associates!

Mark Watson, Owner
Exterior Medics

I learned an abundance from your canvassing training. Thank you so much for helping us revise our methodology!

Lynann Everett, Interactive Marketing Manager
RbA of Northeast PA

We’ve used the consulting services of Dave Yoho Associates for several years now. Much of our success can be attributed to following their systematic teachings and practices.

Michael Hoy, President
Great Day Improvements

We have been working a long time to reach a “million-dollar month”, and this September we finally accomplished our goal! The Dave Yoho Associates model and training tools are without a doubt the keys to our success.

Chuck Cometti, General Manager
RbA of Central New York

Recently, Dave Yoho Associates performed ‘role-play’ scenarios for three hours with our salespeople. The eye-rolling is gone and their confidence has grown substantially. Can’t wait for your visit next month!

Jason Phillips, CEO
Phillips Home Improvements

I’ve been a client of Dave Yoho Associates since opening my business six years ago. In that time, their training program and sales methods have helped us build a successful organization. Their system is the best I’ve seen so far in any industry!

Ken Sherman, Owner
Brookstone Windows & Doors


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