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A business consultant speaks to a large crowd at a live training event.Regardless of your needs, our powerful in-person seminars and training webinars have an established track record of delivering increased revenue and profitability. Dave Yoho Associates is the oldest, largest, and most successful consulting firm operating in the home improvement, remodeling, and home services industries.


Over the last 50+ years, we have produced hundreds of motivational and comprehensive live events for business owners, executives, managers, and in-home salespeople. The content of our programs is designed to challenge conventional thinking, provide the most modern training techniques, and deliver numerous “takeaways” you can implement immediately. However, what sets our in-person seminars apart from competitive offerings is the knowledge base and industry background of our expert speakers.

Why Attend?

We conduct annual surveys to determine the most relevant and pressing issues that industry professionals are facing, and present solutions during live seminars to address these challenges. Companies in attendance range from start-ups to multi-location organizations that average more than $100 million.

Here are the top eight reasons to attend a Dave Yoho seminar:

  1. Powerful training from our senior consultants.
  2. Panels of business owners, managers, and marketing authorities
  3. Abundant question and answer sessions
  4. Advanced “role-play” scenarios that demonstrate scripting techniques
  5. Proven case studies that highlight the best systems for success
  6. The opportunity to network and learn from fellow industry attendees
  7. Our valued Sponsors, comprised of leading manufacturers, finance companies, and specialty marketers
  8. Numerous resources including a complete workbook, slide deck, whitepapers, and training material

Dave Yoho Associates holds two live seminars annually in markets across North America. Review what past attendees gained from our in-person events.


For the last 15 years, we have presented compelling webinars for professionals in the home improvement, remodeling, and home services industries, providing the most up-to-date information on pressing topics to assist them in driving growth and profitability.

Past Webinar Topics

The content of our webinars features case studies, polls, and easy-to-implement systems and scripting that delivers rapid results. Previous webinar subjects include:

  • “How to Close More Sales in a Challenging, Changing Environment”
  • “Are You Wasting 60% of Your Costly Leads on a Weak Sales & Marketing Model?”
  • “How to Thrive Not Just Survive in Your Hiring & Training Effectiveness”
  • “Will the Labor Shortage Create a Disaster for Your Business?”

Explore our Thought Leadership Hub where you can download numerous past webinars and additional free information.


Dave Yoho Associates also speaks at private live and virtual events held by manufacturers, large retail operations, finance companies, trade organizations, and industry magazines.

Do you need an expert trainer to run a one or two-day sales program? Do you need a keynote speaker for your upcoming meeting or conference? Our team of business training experts all have a minimum of 15-years of Executive-Level experience and will motivate and inspire your attendees.

These guys know how to perform! Powerful content, right to the point. Your seminar hit key areas to discuss in our market.

Mark Olsen, Co-Owner
Krumwiede Home Pros

I’ve been in the business for over a decade and no one puts on seminars like Dave Yoho Associates. The energy is remarkable.

D. Rich Ostrander, Sales Manager
HomeZone Improvements

The presenters at your seminar were excellent and made it clear that they not only teach the content but are out in the trenches frequently.

Jack Gugger, President
Metal Roofing Systems

I learned more about interviewing and training than I ever expected to learn at a seminar. Beyond that the vast materials that I took home have enabled me to continue with my education.

Greg Baker, HR Manager
Euro-Tech, Inc.

The training and engagement at your seminar exceeded my expectations and changed the way I am going to manage my company moving forward.

Lowell Gulley, Owner

Extremely knowledgeable in their respective crafts, each seminar speaker had an exceptional ability to coach, persuade and teach the value of the content.

Michael Barrett, Director of Residential Sales
Tadlock Roofing

I knew I had blind spots relating to issues in my company and your seminar opened my eyes. If you are struggling with your business systems or sales processes, you need to attend a Dave Yoho Associates program!

Bill Kassakitis, Owner
Hometown Exteriors Inc.

The speakers at your seminar were engaging, extraordinarily competent, and knowledgeable within their respective fields.

Ryan Weitzel, Regional Director
FLC Energy

Everyone at your seminar seemed to be genuinely concerned about the attendees and wanted to help the industry. Your speakers were also very knowledgeable and prepared.

Wayne Roland, Owner
Roland Slate Service

All of the seminar speakers were very knowledgeable and presented concepts in a way that is easily replicable. I heard numerous practical ideas that made a lot of sense for my business.

Steve Eisenmann, President
Eisenmann Construction


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