Great Webinar Responses

On our most recent home improvement webinar, we offered $100 to the customer who submitted the best idea that they intended to use as promptly as possible. We received a wealth of responses, and wanted to showcase some of the best ones here:

“If you really are number one in your area, then you have to be number one: everything about how you do business needs to say we’re number one – – without using those words.”

“Thank you for pointing out the importance of tracking a lead. From rating it, to following up with it. In the past I would receive a lead, price it, then just hope to hear back from them.”

“Best idea from the webinar is rehashing.  Our company lost sales/money due to management not rehashing appointments to see what happen during presentations.  Shame on us!”

“The countless ideas presented by yourselves which translate into opportunities to modify, enhance and improve for the betterment of our company’s moral and bottom line.”

“Post show – – I will host a seminar in our showroom for all those couples who booked an “in home appointment” but then cancelled.”

“I found the webinar to be very informative, forward thinking and helpful! I thought the energy level and enthusiasm was refreshing! Thanks for the invite!”

“The best idea I came away with from the most recent Yoho seminar would have to be what David Alan Yoho was saying about the home shows and canvassing, from attire to approach and time spent with customers at the show.”

“We have recently acquired a lease option that will open previous leads that couldn’t come up with the necessary funding for a solar system. The take away from the home improvement webinar on how to best reach them is the three part approach: phone call, snail mail, email which we are using to great success.”

“I will be organizing a window seminar at our showroom to generate sales of “rehash” & new leads.”

“The concept I’m taking from the webinar and applying is: not quoting people at shows. Don’t quote – – set up an appointment, and then SELL!”

“The act of sending an immediate email to confirm show leads was very compelling. This will be implemented immediately on all leads in our business. Thanks so much for such an educational webinar.”

“I got a lot out of the canvassing portion of the program. We are going to get more into it this year and the info that was shared was great. I like the part about controlling the herd and not giving up too much information up front. This is hard to do and training is key.”

“The number one point I took away to increase my chances for profitability is rehashing. Not rehashing can be a costly mistake.”

“Loved the ‘nugget’ of following back up on a lead with a second person who can check procedures and flush out/fix the concerns of the customer.”

“We will be implementing the pre-appointment auto-email, as David said – – keeping up with today’s times!  Just need to find a way to do it within minutes of setting.  Thanks!”

“I will be applying the “it depends” response to deflect the price question immediately.”

“I am energized to get to our next home and remodeling show to set up more in home demos.  2012 is going to be great.”

“The more information given to a potential client = the less likely they are going to want a demo.  We have seen this in the past but never really gave much thought as to why people appeared to be satisfied and uninterested in scheduling an appointment after speaking to them for a long time.  We want to develop a script that does not contain a lot of “information”, but creates interest in wanting to meet with us to learn more.  Selling the meeting and not the product during the initial face to face interaction! Thanks again for a great home improvement webinar.  We look forward to more great advice from you and your associates!”

“We will improve our appointment follow up process to include an email with hyperlinks to tell customers our company story and provide additional product information.”

Thank you for providing our company with some much needed advice. We look forward to meeting you at the Home Improvement Profitability Tour in Atlanta. The one idea that I took away from the webinar that I will use today is sending a confirmation email to all set appointments. As soon as David Alan Yoho said it the light bulb came on – THANKS!”

“Love the Revenue Recovery Program. We are just remodeling our office, with a new conference and technology area for customers. We will implement!”

“Sixty percent of prospects will not buy now, but rather hold off and buy within one year.  Follow-up is KEY!”

Our next complimentary webinar is scheduled for March 13th and will be devoted to overcoming objections while in the home. You won’t want to miss it – – we plan on doing the $100 giveaway again!

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