Dave Yoho Associates: Contractor Marketing Consultants

Since 1962, Dave Yoho Associates has specialized in contractor consulting, home improvement marketing and sales training. There is no greater industry expert at assisting you in improving your home improvement business.

Contractor Consulting Services

We have three areas of operation designed to specifically help your home improvement business:

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1. Contractor Consulting

Our trained home improvement consultants each have more than 15 years experience in management at a major home improvement company. They each have individual specialties, but they are all trained in the Dave Yoho Associates methodology when it comes to sales, lead generation, and marketing.

Our primary goal when consulting contractors in the industry is to improve the production of employees and management while reducing or avoiding conflict.

Our contractor marketing, sales and general business services are modified to meet each client’s need, but our areas of specialty include:

  • Increasing cash flow
  • Improving cost management
  • Assisting in mergers, acquisitions, business turn-arounds
  • Creating an exit strategy
  • Hiring effective/competent home improvement business personnel
  • Consulting on the secrets of successful in-home selling
  • Reducing your sales cycle
  • Outselling other contractors
  • Overcoming and selling against objections
  • Selling against "price"
  • Developing repeat business
  • Implementing a construction marketing & sales plan

2. Home Improvement Consulting Seminars

  • We offer three distinct types of sales programs to cater to the needs of home improvement businesses, remodelers, and fellow contractors.
  • Our renowned 2-day management summits are held at prestigious hotels throughout North America and enlist the consulting services of top professionals in the home improvement industry to present in a panel format. There is an abundance of Q & A as well as networking that takes place, and we structure each marketing & sales program around topics that are presently affecting the home improvement industry as well as replacement contractors.
  • Our structured sales seminars are designed for business owners, contractors, management as well as salespeople. These 1-day sales programs feature material directly from our best-selling package The Science of Successful In-Home Selling and give you the opportunity to interact directly with one of our senior business consultants.
  • We also produce numerous consulting webinars and tele-seminars catered to companies who have less flexibility to travel.

3. Training Materials

  • Are you prepared for the changes in the economy, your business and your environment?
  • Much of what you learned 10 or 15 years ago about your business may be outdated.
  • When consulting, we design structured training materials to respond to current issues facing the home improvement and building materials industries and regularly update our products to reflect new industry standards.
  • Evaluate our line of products and judge for yourself.
  • We also offer customized products that are developed by our senior marketing consultants to tackle the issues that are directly affecting your company. For more information on any of our home improvement consulting services or to learn more about other contractors who we've helped, click on the contact us tab above to have one of our consultants reach you.