Making Your Day

In this time of economic uncertainty, more than ever you (and those around you) need to “start your day” with something stimulating.

The level of pessimism and negativity has become rampant. Daily newspapers and the airwaves are cluttered with headlines which do not bode well for positivity and without caution, you will respond to most of what you hear and see rather rapidly. The phrase GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out) was created by the computer industry with the implication that incorrect information projected into a system will remain incorrect information unless erased or overridden. The human mind is the greatest computer ever devised. Unfortunately, GIGO gets compromised here, i.e., Garbage In – remains in until neutralized or replaced by the person controlling this complex computer -- (you).

Scientific research has proven that the mind does not know the difference between the real and the imagined. Therefore what you are accepting as real or imagining will happen, creates the foundation for how you will react on any given day. Your mind will act as a compulsive “endorser” for whatever you want to believe and you are twice as likely to listen and respond to information which endorses the way you already feel.

So what is a positive alternative?? Consider affirmation.

Affirmations are the key to building relationships: in selling, management, even in your personal life. Begin today to affirm others. It’s not praise or manipulation. It’s acknowledging some unique quality in everyone you meet.

Start by affirming yourself. View this 4 1/2 minute video entitled The Power of Affirmation then forward it to your employees and associates. Have them construct their own personal affirmation utilizing the principle for at least 21 days, then measure the results.

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