The Science of Successful Marketing

Effective marketing is a key to profitability for any small business, and Dave Yoho Associates can help make sure that your company is doing everything possible to achieve its marketing and sales goals. Our consulting services can help you improve upon any aspect of your marketing that may be driving down your sales numbers so you can get on the path to greater profitability. 

We can assist with:

  • SEO
    • How to get on the first Google search results page
    • Why SEO remains the top driver of website traffic
    • The importance of the conversion funnel
    • The importance of a strong call to action
    • The importance of a user-friendly website navigation structure
  • Canvassing
    • Canvassing best practices
    • Hiring the right canvassers and supervising them in the field
    • Role play scenarios
    • Setting appropriate forecasting goals
  • Digital advertising
    • How to measure success
    • Identifying your goals and designing a custom strategy
    • Best practices for TV, radio, print, and billboard advertising
    • Identifying advertising myths
  • Leads
    • The importance of congruence in scripting
    • Selling inbound and outbound appointments
    • Dealing with showroom and event leads
    • Boosting profits through “asset recovery”

As one of the oldest and most successful consulting companies in the industry, Dave Yoho Associates has helped countless businesses improve their operational, sales, and marketing performance through the wealth of knowledge and expertise that our talented associates can provide. We offer unlimited training resources and can provide consulting services on-site, by phone or computer, or on a project-by-project basis.

If your company’s marketing could use a tune-up, look to the trusted experts at Dave Yoho Associates today. Simply fill out the contact form above to receive a free, 30-minute, no-obligation phone consultation with one of our associates.

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