Powerful, Customized In-Home Sales Presentations

When was the last time you reworked your in-home sales presentation?

Is it outdated, or just in need of some fine tuning? Or, have you never used a custom sales presentation while in the home?

At Dave Yoho Associates, we specialize in developing customized in-home sales presentations that can be delivered from the convenience of your laptop or tablet.

Let us do all the heavy lifting for you in 5 easy steps:

  • Send us any photographs or images that you would like incorporated into the sales presentation (we may ask for additional images and photos at a later date).
  • We conduct a brief phone interview with you to ascertain the primary focus of the sales presentation as well as any key talking points that should be stressed.
  • We craft a customized company story and product presentation for either your laptop or tablet.
  • Revisions are made based upon your recommendations.
  • The final presentation is scripted with the assistance of one of our expert sales associates to contain specific verbiage that will appeal to the prospect. A phone conference is scheduled whereby the presentation is delivered and recorded on your end for repetition and reinforcement.

Experience has proven that if you combine the right customer-centric language with a powerful presentation your sales will increase dramatically. One of our associates will assist you in the realization of this goal.

To speak to someone regarding a custom in home presentation, fill out the form to the right - - or call our office at (703) 591-2490.

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