Hiring Assessment Account (Includes the DISC Profile)

Hiring Assessment Account (Includes the DISC Profile)


Hiring assessments scientifically designed to reduce mis-hires and turnover.

“Candidates are often effective at masking critical behavioral traits during interviews. The DISC Analysis © Profile will assist you in finding the “right fit” for any hire.”

The DISC Analysis © Profile:

  • Identifies successful candidates 85-90% of the time
  • Reduces turnover and boosts retention
  • Improves communication between managers and direct reports
  • Can be used to onboard and train new hires
  • Boosts individual performance and team interaction

Your account includes access to two additional assessments:

  1. The Sales Aptitude Appraisal – An evaluation that scores an applicant’s level of sales ability.
  2. The Leadership and Competency Evaluation – An assessment that identifies and provides feedback for leaders and executives.

Your investment for a Hiring Assessment Account and 10 DISC Analysis Profiles is only $370, plus a one-time setup fee of $95.


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