Online Recording of the 2021 Home Improvement Profitability Summit


Purchase the full recording from our three-day seminar in June of 2021. Over 15 hours of content broken up into separate videos for easy viewing. Improve your profitability today!

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Invest in the full recording of the 2021 Home Improvement Profitability Summit and experience the powerful content from the three-day program. Speakers include: Dave Yoho, Joe Talmon, Rick McIntire, D.S. Berenson, Brian Gottlieb, Chris Counahan, D.S. Berenson, Frank Farmer, Chris Behan, Brian Kaskavalciyan, and many more!

Topics include:

  • Finding the Best Personnel - From Salespeople to Installers
  • Conducting A Winning Interview
  • Reduce Mis-Hires and Turnover with Proven Hiring Assessments
  • Onboarding New Hires Efficiently and Effectively
  • The Importance of Updating Your Marketing Plan
  • Innovative Marketing Methods to Attract Your Target Customer
  • Modern Marketing Techniques to Lower Your Overall Costs
  • Referrals: The Ultimate Lead
  • Selling the Appointment with Inbound & Outbound Scripting
  • Asset Recovery: How to Expertly Convert Unsold Leads
  • Best Practices to Reduce Backlog and Cycle Time
  • Adapt Your Sales Skills to a Changing Marketplace
  • Uncovering the Prospect’s Value System
  • Selling Your Price and Overcoming Objections
  • Critical Legal Issues for 2021-22

This timely recording will not be available for long - - take advantage today!

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