Super Sales Training

Super Sales Training

This easy-to-use, simple-to-teach program was created after 17 years of research on communication and was specifically designed for use in all corporations, institutions and professions.

Elite salespeople and trainers continuously work at learning upgraded sales methods and refining their presentation skills.

A monthly online training course designed for companies and salespeople who sell in the home or direct-to-consumer. You can watch the videos on any device and subscribers receive:

  1. A 30–45-minute video every month featuring Dave Yoho and our team of business training consultants
  2. Access to bonus videos, supplemental material, scripting, and an archive of 24 previously recorded videos
  3. Ability to set up separate accounts for their salespeople
  4. End-of-video interaction questions which reinforce the material

Three separate subscription levels:

  • $49/month – Individual plan
  • $99/month – Companies with 10 or fewer salespeople
  • $178/month – Companies with 11-20 salespeople

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