The Science of Successful Canvassing


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The canvasser's role is to be an extension of the sales force but not to quote prices or sell projects - - their job is to sell the appointment...

Canvassing has gotten a bad rap in our industry due to questionable hiring practices and a lackadaisical approach to implementation. A successful canvassing program contains numerous elements, all of them supporting each other and ultimately leading to increased revenue with lower marketing costs.

The Science of Successful Canvassing includes 5 DVD's (over 3 hours of material) and one CD-ROM with supports and Q&A. It contains information on:

  • The eight key ingredients of a canvassing program
  • The seven deadly sins of most canvassing programs
  • How to hire the right canvassers and avoid the wrong ones
  • How to set appropriate forecasting goals
  • How to supervise your canvassers in the field
  • How to select and compensate a "team leader"
  • Role play scenarios
  • And much more!

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