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At Dave Yoho Associates, we have spent decades helping countless small businesses perfect their in-home sales tactics and processes so they can improve their bottom line. Founded in 1962, we are one of the longest-serving and most successful consulting companies in the industry. When you look to us for sales consulting services, you’ll see how we use our unmatched experience to uncover issues that may be preventing your business from achieving its goals. Then, we will provide the training or resources needed to get your company on the path to greater profitability.   

Our clients are able to overcome the obstacles that stand in their way because of our talented account executives, who each have more than 15 years of experience and understand your industry and the challenges you face on a daily basis. With our help, you can learn how to build a better rapport with a potential customer or improve your sales skills using modern and updated techniques.

Other topics we can assist with include:

  • Selling against price and objections
  • Reducing your sales cycle
  • Developing repeat business
  • The psychological laws of selling
  • Why some prospects buy and some don’t
  • Cultural, emotional, and perceptual barriers
  • Coaching trial closes/power closes
  • The seven myths of in-home selling
  • Selling to the prospect’s value system
  • And more

Contact Dave Yoho Associates today to learn more about our tried-and-true sales consulting services, which have impacted countless businesses just like yours. We can provide our services over the phone, via the web, on-site, or on a project-by-project basis.

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