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3 Low-cost Marketing Tactics

Are you looking to get more bang out of your marketing buck? With marketing budgets through the roof, it is vital to look for inexpensive ways to promote your products and services to your customer base. Here are a few … Continue reading

The Value of Sealants and Premium Window Capping Materials

One of our business partners recently sent me the following pictures and I thought they might be worth sharing on the blog. They show what can happen when bad capping is used around a window. Clearly the installation job here … Continue reading

Bathroom Remodeling Remains High on ROI Lists

According to a recent article from the ARA ? while foreclosures are at record rates the vast majority of homeowners are still current with their mortgages. Between the low interest rates and the fact that most of these homeowners are … Continue reading

Energy Tax Credits . . . Q & A – Part III

In this posting we?re going to wrap up the series of Energy Tax Credits questions and answers. So, on to the next question. Q. If I?m not in the window, insulation, roofing, etc. business, is it difficult to get those … Continue reading

Energy Tax Credits . . . Q & A – Part II

Let?s pick up where we left off in the last posting with some more questions and answers about the Energy Tax Credits. Q. How do we present the tax credit to prospects? A. It is best to have it as … Continue reading

Energy Tax Credits . . . Q & A

We discussed the excellent marketing potential the new Energy Tax Credits in the massive government stimulus package provide for us in the last posting. There is $6 billion available for home improvement manufacturers and retailers. In order for you to … Continue reading

Let’s Talk Energy . . . Savings!

You are probably aware that there is an energy tax credit incentive for home owners built in to the government?s massive Stimulus Bill. Let?s recap this tax credit incentive and examine how this can be a massive opportunity for home … Continue reading

A Challenge to the Home Improvement Industry . . .

Let us prepare ourselves for what is to be! A renowned philosopher once opined that, ?in times of great change, it is the learners who have the greatest potential for success, for the learned find themselves equipped to deal only … Continue reading

The Home Improvement Industry Positively Impacts the Economy . . .

In 2007, while researching for a book I authored entitled Why. . . Buy Replacement Windows? I found that there were 22 million windows manufactured for new home construction. During the same period, there were 33 million windows manufactured for … Continue reading

Economic Crisis – Challenge or Opportunity . . .

Yes! We face economic challenges in our business and personal life. Yes! Our country is enmeshed in a crisis of transition and adjustment. And, yes, we are challenged by the lack of cooperative research and understanding by the political pundits … Continue reading