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Q & A From Our March 2012 Webinar

Our latest home improvement webinar on overcoming sales objections has generated a ton of response and we will attempt to answer many of your questions in this forum: Q: Will the techniques you suggest in “The Science of Successful In-Home … Continue reading

Great Webinar Responses

On our most recent home improvement webinar, we offered $100 to the customer who submitted the best idea that they intended to use as promptly as possible. We received a wealth of responses, and wanted to showcase some of the … Continue reading

Dead Leads and Who Killed Them?

A major consideration in evaluating the worth of a home improvement lead is its lifespan.  To understand this phenomenon, let’s examine what created the lead in the first place.  While leads for many products and services come from prospects that … Continue reading

More Q & A From Our January 2012 Webinar

We will now tackle many of the questions that we received on shows and events in our latest home improvement webinar on leads. If you haven't already read done so, please read the previous posting where we also address many … Continue reading

Q & A From Our January 2012 Webinar

Our latest home improvement webinar on leads brought together over 900 companies to help turn leads into sales in the year 2012. As is the case with most of our programs, we have an abundance of questions that were not … Continue reading

The Secrets of Cash Flow Management in Small Businesses

Happiness is – positive cash flow – or as a humorist once stated, “the problem is too much month at the end of the money.”  A common problem affecting small to moderate size businesses is cash flow.  If you are … Continue reading

If You Miss The Basics - You May Miss The Boat

Closing the sale is not something that happens at the end of a sales presentation or after you’ve given the price.  It is an ongoing process which is established with your first contact with a prospect. If you knew what … Continue reading

10 Disciplines of a Successful Sales Representative

The following are 10 power statements that can be utilized in sales meetings and sales management training.  The concept behind these 10 ideas was originated by Michael “Mickey” Madden of U.S. Home Systems. These ideas are being published in memory … Continue reading

Q & A From Our November 2011 Webinar (Part 2)

We will now continue answering questions from our latest home improvement webinar. If you haven't done so already, make sure to read our last blog posting where we address more of the questions that were asked during the program. Q: … Continue reading

Q & A From Our November 2011 Webinar

Last week's home improvement webinar on lead generation was a rousing success. There were over 950 companies on the program and we received numerous questions. As is frequently the case, we did not have enough time to answer them all … Continue reading