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The Big Drop Is A Big Flop

Let me preface this post by saying that this is not an assault on those within the home improvement industry who use a price drop as an incentive to close a deal.  The issue is the "big drop”. Historically this … Continue reading

Q & A From Our September 2011 Webinar

Last week's home improvement webinar entitled "Open Your Mind to Close More Sales" generated an excellent response from our customers as well as industry leaders. Once again we would like to thank all of the attendees as well as all … Continue reading

Left Brain vs. Right Brain Selling

There is no such thing as a cold, rational, dispassionate buyer who buys solely on merit. Most decisions are influenced by emotion and similar feelings. I once asked a purchasing agent who had placed an order with a manufacturer for … Continue reading

The Power of Effective Scripting

At Dave Yoho Associates we have been teaching the value of a structured sales methodology for over 45 years, yet even our best customers have employees working for them that waver from their script. Nowhere is this more damaging than … Continue reading

The Presentation Book of the Future - - Today

In-home presentations have evolved over the years. If you are still showing up in the prospect's  home with an over-sized, clunky presentation book then you need to come into the 21st century. This is not a knock against anyone who … Continue reading

Selling is a Science Not an Art

There are those who seem to adapt to the sales role as if they were born for that very reason. There are those who are charismatic, who meet and get along with others easily and those who have the gift … Continue reading

Why Do Small Businesses Fail to Grow?

This is not an easy question to answer, particularly when our economy is so turbulent. However, contrary to popular belief, the economy is not the biggest factor in the decline of entrepreneurial selling organizations. It is extremely complicated for most … Continue reading

Wrap Up of Our Sales Seminars

The last 6 months have been an amazing experience. To have the opportunity to assist in the creation of a new recorded work like The Science of Successful In Home Selling, and then conduct sales seminars around the country on … Continue reading

The Value of Sealants and Premium Window Capping Materials

One of our business partners recently sent me the following pictures and I thought they might be worth sharing on the blog. They show what can happen when bad capping is used around a window. Clearly the installation job here … Continue reading

Are You Following Up With Your Prospects?

Want to see some scary figures? According to Gartner Research: 72% of companies stop following up with a prospect after the second contact However, on average, it takes 5 contacts or more to close 81% of prospects These contradictory figures … Continue reading