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4 Step Process To Improve Your Call Center Scripting

Contrary to popular belief, the call center is not dead. Some of the methods used to ascertain prospects may be outdated, but we have a number of clients who still effectively produce business through their call center. First, you have … Continue reading

Home Improvement Industry Factors: Real Vs. Imaginary

What are the key factors affecting the home improvement industry? From our experience, what our clients present as their primary problem(s) typically end up being far different from what they actually are. Here are some of the notable issues that … Continue reading

Sample Home Improvement Case Study

The following case study was conducted as an outgrowth of a turnaround effort by one of our Account Executives, Brian Smith. More than anything, what this shows is that a few minor tweaks in the sales and marketing system can … Continue reading

Common Home Improvement Error: Improper Pricing Formulas

Revenue is up. Your marketing costs are down. Employee morale is at an all time high. Despite all this, your business is barely staying afloat. How is this possible? Frequently, it has to do with a miscalculation in the pricing … Continue reading

Review of the Summit: Product Diversification (Part 2)

With the ongoing review of the last Home Improvement Summit, let's continue to look at the benefits of product diversification within your business. The next panelist was Frank Farmer who is the founder and President of American Metal Roofs located … Continue reading