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Tracking Results for Better Conversion

When you are crafting your home improvement marketing strategy, there are a number of questions you need to ask yourself. Do you know what is and is not working? Do you know your lead cost for each of your Internet … Continue reading

The Battle Between SEO and Copywriting

Search Engine Optimization is rapidly becoming one of the best ways to promote your website online and ensure that you get listed high in the rankings by Google and various other search engines. For those readers who are not familiar … Continue reading

Q & A From Our Latest Webinar

For those of you waiting for the remaining Q & A from our latest home improvement webinar, we appreciate your patience. Now that all of our Spring programs have wrapped up, here is a summary of questions that were asked … Continue reading

Another Successful Program

Last week's 2-day Home Improvement Profitability Summit took place at the Embassy Suites in Las Vegas and was a rousing success. Over 130 people were in attendance representing 98 companies. The event was sponsored by 18 manufacturers and service providers. … Continue reading

The Power of Effective Scripting

At Dave Yoho Associates we have been teaching the value of a structured sales methodology for over 45 years, yet even our best customers have employees working for them that waver from their script. Nowhere is this more damaging than … Continue reading

An Interesting Exercise

Some years ago, while head of Surfa Shield Institute, I decided to do a test to see whether our franchisees were actually reading the mail that they received. I sent out a 3-page memo to the over 30 franchisees except … Continue reading

11 Steps Every Home Improvement Company Should Follow

There is a lot of great news to report even though we are only 1 month into 2011. Many companies in the industry are already reporting significant growth over 2010. This recent report from the National Home Builders Association echoes … Continue reading

The President Visits Thompson Creek Windows

As many of you have heard, President Obama recently visited the factory and retail operation of Thompson Creek Window Company to laud them for increasing their annual revenue by 43% during these trying economic times. Furthermore, they increased their factory … Continue reading

Questions From The Tele-Seminar

The following are a list of questions that we received during our recent tele-conference – which were not answered during the call. All names have been kept anonymous per your request and should you have any additional questions feel free … Continue reading

The Well Managed Lead

While many companies that operate within the home improvement industry spend a great deal of effort procuring leads, we find that the management of leads is an area that frequently slips through the cracks. Think of how much time and … Continue reading