Terms and Conditions

These are the terms (the “Agreement”) that govern your attendance at and/or participation in the 2022 Growth Mastery Summit (the “Event”).

By registering for the Event you are agreeing to these terms, which form a legal contract between Dave Yoho Associates (“we”, “us”, “our” “ours”), and the registered attendee and/or participant (“you”, “your”).

If you are registering on behalf of another individual, it is your responsibility to ensure that the person attending is aware of these terms and accepts them, and by completing the registration you are warranting that you have made the attendee aware, and they have accepted these terms.


You are receiving a complimentary ticket provided by one of our “Sponsors”. We are waiving the cost attendant to the ticket, based on our relationship with said Sponsor.

In accepting this ticket to attend the Event, you agree to pay a $250 refundable deposit per attendee. Provided you attend the entire Event and stay under our room block at the hotel, we will refund the deposit(s) to your method of payment upon conclusion of the Event. Local attendees are not required to stay at the hotel.

We will not allow more than two complimentary attendees per company. Should you accept more than two complimentary tickets for the Event, we cannot guarantee admittance.


Your registration for the Event entitles you to the following:

  • Admittance (either the full program or specific days depending upon your purchase)
  • Lunch on day-two
  • Refreshments and coffee breaks
  • Admittance into the “Impact and Influence Networking Session”
  • A complete workbook
  • Full resources from (including but not limited to): The slide deck, whitepapers, and numerous resources
  • Access to special offers through us and our Sponsors

All other costs associated with your attendance (including without limitation, any travel and/or accommodation expenses) shall be borne solely by you and we shall have not liability for such costs.

Termination. We are committed to providing a peaceful and harassment-free Event and we expect all attendees to behave appropriately and to treat everyone else at the Event with dignity and respect. You acknowledge that we reserve the right to remove you from the Event if we, in our sole discretion, consider your presence and/or behavior to create a disruption or to hinder the Event and/or the enjoyment of the Event by other attendees, speakers, or Sponsors.

Media. We reserve the right to use photographs and recordings of any Event attendee in our promotional materials, YouTube channel, social media outlet, or on our websites.

Photography and Recording of Audio and Video by Attendees. Photographs, short audio and video clips taken and recorded by you may be used for social media, blogging and press coverage of sessions. Without express, written permission from us, audio and video clips which are published anywhere must be non-contiguous clips which are one-minute or less. Subject to the forgoing limitation, all audio and video recording of complete Event sessions is strictly prohibited.

Event Agenda. Our goal is to keep the agenda as it is set; however, there may be certain modifications that take place before the Event. You acknowledge and agree that we, in our sole discretion, reserve the right to change any and all aspects of the Event, including but not limited to, content, format, speakers, moderators and times..


All complimentary tickets issued with a $250 deposit are final and non-refundable. However, if you have an emergency such as a death in the family or an illness, we will allow you to cancel and receive a refund for the deposit up to 30 days prior to the Event. Note that this is not guaranteed and is handled on a case-by-case basis. We do allow the transfer of a ticket to another individual in your company provided this information is disclosed to us no less than two weeks before the start of the Event.


All intellectual property rights pertaining to the Event, the Event content and all materials distributed at or in connection with the Event are owned by Dave Yoho Associates.

It is understood and agreed that the contents of these documents (including the methods described for their use) may not be reproduced in any manner whatsoever either in whole or in part without express written permission of Dave Yoho Associates. Federal law provides severe civil and criminal penalties for the unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or exhibition of copyrighted materials. (Title 17, United States Code, Sections 501 and 506.)


Our goal is to provide you with an excellent and positive experience, but we do not warrant or guarantee that any specific results will come from your attendance at the Event. You understand that implementation of the systems and methods described during the Event is a highly individualized and subjective process that may lead to different results for different people; thus, we cannot guarantee that you will, for example, experience an increase in revenue, profitability, or productivity. Individual experiences will vary.

We do not accept any responsibility or liability for reliance by you or any person on any aspect of the Event and/or any information provided at the Event.

Other than to the extent required as a matter of law, we shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential costs, damages or losses arising directly or indirectly from the Event or other aspect related thereto or in connection with this Agreement.


This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Virginia, without regard to conflict of law principles, and the parties shall submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Virginia courts.