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Behavioral Profiling – – The Key to Improved Hiring
Behavioral Profiling - The Key to Improve Hiring DVD set - Dave Yoho Associates

Behavior is neither right nor wrong, it just is – – and every behavioral type has a specific match for each job function…

This 6 CD package includes a complete workbook, 2 Online Behavioral Profiles, and contains information on:

  • Understanding behavior and how it affects our work patterns
  • How to choose the appropriate personnel for any job in your organization
  • Learning how to become a professional recruiter even if it is not your primary job function
  • How to reduce mis-hires and retain quality personnel
  • And much more!

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The Hiring Interview

The hiring interview will not be effective unless you ask the right questions, in the right manner, at the right time…

This 2 DVD Set contains information on:

  • How to administer a proper job application
  • The importance of how you ask questions to each applicant
  • Why making the applicant uncomfortable in an interview can sometimes be a good thing
  • Strategies for weeding out the individuals who are not as passionate about the job opening as others
  • Managing and motivating these new hires
  • And much more!


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