Welcome to The Home Improvement Industry Hotwire . . .

Thank you for checking out the inaugural posting of this new blog created specifically for YOU, the Home Improvement Professional. Read on and learn how this blog is going to assist you and your business not only to survive, but to thrive during these challenging times.

This blog is your way to keep up to date on important issues, concepts and information that can impact your business. There is no need to belabor the fact that we’re going through an unprecedented economic event. The event has been called a crisis, a recession and some economists are even referring to it as a depression. Well, those are all just words. Another word that is just as relevant to you during this economic event is opportunity. As Napoleon Hill stated, “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.

So, through this blog you can expect to read powerful ideas and concepts you can put to work in your business. You’ll learn about events, seminars, conventions, shows and training programs that will increase your effectiveness and that of your people. There will be quick tips and techniques that we’ve used successfully at Dave Yoho Associates as well as proven ideas and tips from other business leaders both from within and outside our industry. You’ll read excerpts from interviews with successful home improvement business owners, sales managers, salespeople and other industry professionals. Our legal beagle, D.S. Berenson, will keep you on top of the law.

There may be days when several entries will be posted here. There may be a few days that pass without any new postings. But, rest assured, you will learn from the leaders – and – the movers and shakers in this great industry. We solicit your contributions, too. You’ll be able to make comments on what you read in the postings. You will find a place below each blog posting to leave a comment – please do so. We can’t encourage you strongly enough to participate. Your experiences, opinions and thoughts are important to everyone reading this blog.

You may also have some important information that is valuable enough to be a posting in itself, Don’t hesitate to contact our blog editor at admin@daveyoho.com and we’ll evaluate it and post your information as a guest contributor.

Finally, you will soon receive a notice about the new podcast we’ll launch in the very near future. The podcast will be available on a weekly basis and, once again, it will be targeted directly to you and your business in the home improvement industry. You’ll hear from me and many others including our blog contributors and other industry leaders. You’ll even be able to hear the actual recorded interviews with the people we excerpt and feature in blog postings.

What is the value of one great idea? You’re getting on the idea and information express track. You can count on current, up to the minute, cutting edge information that will not only help you weather this economic event, but reveal the opportunities to grow your business at a time when many around you will fall by the wayside. These information tools will benefit you most if you read the blog and listen to the podcasts regularly. When you APPLY them in your business, you’ll avoid many pitfalls and experience amazing growth while other businesses around you are floundering. I can’t emphasize, enough, the value of subscribing to this blog and to the podcast for FREE, so you have it delivered directly to your computers as soon as the latest postings and podcast episodes are released. We’re doing our part to help you grow your business. We can throw the ball to you. YOU have to catch it or you’ll miss the value!

Dave Yoho
Dave Yoho Associates

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