What Is Your New Year’s Conclusion?

The advent of the New Year brings about resolutions from every corner of the globe. People promise to give up smoking, to lose weight, to go to church more frequently, etc.

Resolutions have even been adapted from a business perspective, as companies are known to hold year-end meetings based on the premise of change for the upcoming year.

The problem is that more often than not, these resolutions are largely unfulfilled.

The word resolution has become so overused that it has ceased to have any meaning. It has become a giant buzz word for changing bad habits in one’s personal or business life.

Instead, why not use a word that will help bring finality to these goals and/or promises. This year make a New Year’s Conclusion that will bring about the change(s) that you are seeking to accomplish.

Focus on one element in your business that has troubled you in the past or something that you have been waiting to implement (choosing more than one could prove to be ambitious at first) and make a conclusion that by year’s end you will have reached that goal.

2011 can be your best year of business, but only if you see things through to the finish line.

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