The Untenable State Of The Home Improvement Industry

You receive a phone call or letter from the Attorney General's office in your state indicating an interest in your sales and marketing practices. Are you positive that what you are doing passes the test for acceptable practices in your … Continue reading

Coming Change Is Bound To Make Our Lives Interesting!

Adaptation seems to be the key to the future. Whether change is good or bad depends in part on how we adapt to it - - but, ready or not, here it comes! The Post Office Get ready to imagine … Continue reading

End The Year On The Right Note...

Over the course of 2010 we have received hundreds of questions at our live events, webinars, tele-seminars and into our office via e-mail. We make every effort to answer these questions as they come in - - however - particularly … Continue reading

The Well Managed Lead

While many companies that operate within the home improvement industry spend a great deal of effort procuring leads, we find that the management of leads is an area that frequently slips through the cracks. Think of how much time and … Continue reading

Balance Sheet Overview

How closely are you monitoring your finances? When we do an observation for a company within the home improvement industry, one of the first things we take a look at are their financial statements. There is no better way to … Continue reading

3 Low-cost Marketing Tactics

Are you looking to get more bang out of your marketing buck? With marketing budgets through the roof, it is vital to look for inexpensive ways to promote your products and services to your customer base. Here are a few … Continue reading

Questions From Our Last Webinar

Many of you have e-mailed us, asking when we were going to post answers to your questions from our latest home improvement webinar. We appreciate your patience in bearing with us in the production of our latest package as well … Continue reading

The Presentation Book of the Future - - Today

In-home presentations have evolved over the years. If you are still showing up in the prospect's  home with an over-sized, clunky presentation book then you need to come into the 21st century. This is not a knock against anyone who … Continue reading

Back From Baltimore

After another exciting profitability summit wrapped up yesterday in Baltimore we would like to take the time to thank all of the people who were involved in making it a success. First of all, we would like to thank the … Continue reading

The Power of Video Marketing

Everyone these days is looking to incorporate video into their Internet efforts. With the advent of video e-mail and YouTube, not to mention video being shot directly for corporate websites, there are an abundance of methods to get your message … Continue reading