Q&A From March 2016 Webinar

The following questions were left over from our most recent webinar on lead management and diversification: Q: How do you isolate those who are “not now” leads – how do you follow up with them? A: A well-managed company does the … Continue reading

Basic Business Structure Cautions

In order to set up a business or corporation, there are some key business cautions that you need to be aware of: Consult an attorney, create an issue stock certificate for shares invested, and have a minutes book. You created … Continue reading

What is a Salesperson?

A salesperson is often a pin on a map or a name on a monthly report to the sales manager, an enigma to non-salespeople, a bookkeeping item called “cost-of-selling” to the accountant, a smile and a wisecrack to a receptionist, … Continue reading

Recover Your Cancellations

Let me start this posting with a powerful statement: “A well-defined cancel/save procedure can recover 25 to 30% of rescinded contracts.” In one of my last columns I wrote that rescission is a malfunction of the sales process. A canceled … Continue reading

Q&A From June 2015 Webinar

Building rapport with prospects continues to be one of the biggest issues in the industry, which is why it was addressed during our latest home improvement webinar. As always there were numerous questions that we could not answer during the … Continue reading

Continued Q&A From April 2015 Webinar

We will continue to address some of the most pertinent questions that were asked during our latest home improvement webinar. Q: What is the best compensation plan for salespeople? A: Compensation is a key. So let’s start out with a couple … Continue reading

Q&A From April 2015 Webinar

On our most recent home improvement webinar we had numerous questions that were not able to be addressed during the program. Here are responses to several of them: Q: In a company where the average contract is $12-15k, how much … Continue reading